Decorate my hijab

Muslim. Woman.

Oppressed; must-be.

Ignorant, for sure.

You slap those labels on me.

I let the words stick.

Decorate my hijab.

I can see your eyes follow me.

The distrust, mistrust.

The confusion that comes when you hear me speak.

(Yes, I do have a voice.)

Women should be allowed to wear what they want, you say.

(I agree.)

You say; so take that thing of your head.

I reply; “But I-“

Must be brainwashed.

Written in response to the daily prompt Label

(Some background: I am a Muslim woman who has chosen to wear the hijab out of my own accord and have done so for over seven or eight years.) No pressure from my parents, extended family etc. etc. I find it incredibly ironic that there are people who claim they believe a woman should have the freedom to dress as she wants, but also argue that women like me shouldn’t be allowed to wear a headscarf and then claim it is a way of protecting us from oppression…)