The pretend game

Let’s play a game, my dear.

This is a game everyone plays.

You see, all you have to do is Pretend.

Can you do that, my dear?

Do it, please.

Pretend you don’t see the worry in my eyes and the pulling down of my lips.

And those wilting flowers? Pretend they’re not there.

Let’s pretend the sun won his fight with the clouds.

Let’s pretend the homeless man we gave coins to, is just an actor.

Let’s pretend the world is kinder than it is.

The politicians, pretend we can trust them.

The bills, pretend we can pay them.

The world, pretend we can fix it.

Turn on the news, and smile because it’s all pretend.

The wars in forgotten lands,

the terrorism all over,

the racism in our institutions.

It’s not real, right?

For today at least, it’s all pretend.

The diseases we can’t fix,

the starvation we can’t feed,

the ice caps we can’t stop melting,

It’s all pretend.

Okay, my dear?


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