The inevitable fate of the Spark

There’s a spark,

it catches.




Her mind runs away with a thousand and one ideas.

She can see it in her mind; the end product.

Knows what she needs to do to get there.




It’s all there.

Her pen leaves skid marks on the paper,

as she gets it all down.

This time will be different.

This will be the one.

She would nurture it,

protect it,

feed it oxygen.

She would…



What’s that?

Her hand stops.

The ink bleeds.

A bullet hole…

The paper is spoiled.



She needs a…

a break.

She’ll return.

She will.

She does.

Finds a barely legible sheet.

Struggles to comprehend it.

Tiny, scrawled hand-writing.


Black holes.

She frowns.

The door slams shut.

The spark dies out.

Hello again wordpress! After quite a long break (mostly due to university, work and inefficient time-management) I finally have some more time to write and read more blogs 🙂 This poem was in response to the prompt: Unfinished and is something that relates incredibly well to me at the moment…




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