Clouds. Surprisingly, the first image that popped into my mind at this prompt was a bright blue sky, with a wholesome white cloud.

A summer cloud, if you will.

It’s surprising. I would have expected my first thoughts to be dark, grey and miserable but my mind conjured out something beautiful.

I thought clouds and I thought blue sky.

I thought blue sky and I thought summer.

I thought summer and imagined staring up to the heavens.

I imagined staring up and began dreaming of free falling.

Of being caught by a soft fluff of white clouds.

The science student within me scoffed.


But I quietened her down for the sake of fiction.

What if the clouds could catch me.

What if I could lie within them, floating along.

Take a book with for company.

Tour the world, dodging planes and birds…

There would be marshmallows.

I don’t know why, there just would be.

My mind is… strange.

It brings me stories, illogical and impossible.




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