She is

She’s tired of making decisions.

Having to choose.

Having to defend.

So instead, she chooses the weightlessness.

Lets the current carry her where it must.

Becomes slave to the winds.

And when it rages, she will rage.

She will thrash and she will howl.

She will break through the boulders.

Wreak havoc,

Unchain her emotions,

let them flood.

Let them be free.

And when she is spent.

She will continue on her journey.

She will glide smoothly.

Enjoy the sights,

the smells,

the sounds.

She will create her own music,

the soft whisperings

of a calmed river.

Some will ignore her.

Others will travel miles to get,

just a glimpse.

Some will protect her.

Others will strive to,

tear her down.

Some will herald,

her as purity.

Others will damn,

her as pollution.

She is neither.

In response to the prompt:Water


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