So we’re leaving the EU

So we’re leaving the EU.

For most of the duration of the referendum campaign I was confused. Lies, fear, warnings – that’s all there was. I was angry. I had (very naively) thought that the government would educate us – present us with the facts; here, these are the things the EU does well; here are some of the not so good parts. Now make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. People were deprived the right to an informed choice. Listening to the news and reading the newspapers, all I found was what felt like threats from the remain camp and disputed “facts” from the leave side. It was only after I did my own research and started fact checking, that I made up my mind – I was voting remain.

But this wasn’t until very close to the day of the vote.

For the majority of the time leading up to the vote, I really doubted that I would even turn up to the polling station. I didn’t want to vote for something I wasn’t sure about.

The news called it”the most important vote of a lifetime” but a lot of the time, it felt like a game being played by ex-Etonians.

Schoolboy friends suddenly enemies.

How many times did I have to read about Michael Gove and David Cameron, no longer having family get togethers. Their wives were no longer talking, reported one newspaper.

Or else it was about how Boris Johnson and David Cameron had been rivals since their school days. Finally, Boris was making his move. 

And then thrown into this mix of ‘elite rivalries’ was the xenophobia.

Nigel Farage with his bus printed with lies and his smug racism.

Immigrants are too blame for everything, apparently.

Can’t get doctors appointment? Blame the immigrants.

Lack of housing? Blame the immigrants.

Can’t find a job? Blame the immigrants.

It doesn’t matter that the NHS is underfunded or that doctors are under pressure. It doesn’t matter that our government hasn’t been building enough homes since the 70’s. Forget that unemployment is actually at its lowest.

Forget all that. Any problem you have – is down to immigrants.

It made me mad.

I don’t fully agree with everything the European Union does. I do believe it needs reform. But it has also made lots of very valuable contributions to this country.

Maternity pay, protection of the Cornwall coast, science research funding (to name very few).

There were so many things that could have been discussed during this referendum but the focus was only on immigration and EU regulations.

And yes, there are a lot of EU regulations. However, leaving the EU doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t have to follow these. If the UK wants to do trade with the EU (which it really, really does) then it will have to follow EU regulations for its exports.

And honestly, does anyone really believe we’re going to get access to the free trade market, without free movement?


I have a lot of emotions regarding Brexit.

I feel angry.

I feel sad.

Angry because of the way the campaigns were held. Angry because Nigel Farage could say the campaigning had occurred “without a bullet” (and so soon after Jo Cox’s murder). Angry because I’m listening to stories of racist attacks  occurring with greater frequency. Angry because the economy is decline. Angry because it looks like the next PM will be someone leaning to the right. Angry that Brexit is being described as “independence day” – the irony of this is just… Ahhh! The UK was not colonized people – it did the colonizing.

I am sad too. Sad because of the way the campaigns were held. Sad because Jo Cox seems like she was an amazing MP, but we never hear about MPs like her until tragedy strikes. Sad because it seems like a lot of people were uninformed. Sad because as angry as I am at the result… it make sense in a way…

When life is hard and people give you someone to blame. Tell you this is the cause of all your problems. This is the way to improve your life. You take it. It’s easy to take it. And I think that’s what a lot of people did.

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