For Simplicity’s Sake

Simplicity is my friend.

Simplicity is lovely.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,

for Simplicity’s sake:


They ask if I’m okay,

too busy to meet my eyes;

I say, of course I’m fine.

for Simplicity’s sake.


They scroll down the list,

pronounce my name wrong;

I don’t protest,

for Simplicity’s sake.


They see me on the bus,

blame me for the crime of others;

I keep my mouth shut,

for Simplicity’s sake.


They post words to the world,

cruel and unjust;

I don’t respond,

for Simplicity’s sake.


Then one day there’s a knock,

Confidence comes calling,

She says stand up,

She says speak up.

But conflict is my enemy,

friction, I’ve never liked.

Dissension and I,

don’t see eye to eye.

But Confidence is persistent.

She is powerful and strong.

She says find your voice.

She says make a difference.

I say…


For Simplicity’s sake.



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