“Mind writing” anyone?

There are so many periods during my day (on my way to and from my work, on my lunch breaks, before I go to sleep) when ideas pop into my head.

Sometimes they’re ideas for this blog. More often, they’re ideas for novels.

Now you see, what happens is this; I write it… in my mind. Reality gets shut out. Other bus and train passengers ignored. My surroundings blur and instead, I am…writing.

I can hear the words in my mind.

I shuffle them around, backtrack and change them, ensure they are emotive.

It feels like I’m writing and writing and writing.ย 

And these words, put together into blog posts and stories, sound (in my mind) as though they have the potential to be powerful.

So I wait until I have some free time. I find my laptop, open a blank page and try to spill these words onto the page. They’ve already been written – in my mind. It should be just a case of transferring the files to one database (my brain) to another.

It. never. ever. works.ย 

I sit in front of the blank page and just… freeze.

I try to type. I start to type. But the words I wrote earlier shuffle around. Play games with me and refuse to sit in the order I painstakingly arranged them in.

The emotion and power of the words I wrote in my mind, evaporates.

This has happened for years.

Nowadays, I try to leave out the second stage of the process (transferring from my mind to laptop) and instead keep the stories locked within me.

Sometimes this is great! Honestly, some days I get an idea (which to me) is completely brilliant and over the next few days / week, I tell myself the story, I write it within my mind. During these strange periods, I usually end up reading less. It’s almost as though, I’m telling myself a story. I never know what my mind is going to throw up next. I write and enjoy the story as I’m going, just for me…

And yes, I realise this does sound a bit…strange? Mad? But surely, other writers, aspiring writers, bloggers… do the same? I’m not crazy – right?

And if you are someone who does this – do you have a way of taking this “mind writing” and transferring it to your paper / laptop? I’ve tried the whole carrying a notebook around with me thing but when I’m writing the thoughts down… I end up overthinking. They don’t flow because every few minutes, I’ll back track. Check punctuation. Reread and reread. And eventually decide to just stop writing and just enjoy the story within my mind.


7 thoughts on ““Mind writing” anyone?

  1. What an interesting idea.. I have a similar experience in that I’ll get a great idea for a story but then I sit down to write it and nothing comes. But I’ve never gone so far as to write out a story in my mind. That must be a great experience..You have a great imagination!

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    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a great experience – I love writing in my mind. I don’t always do it – sometimes like you I just have an idea which i’ll then try to write but as you said – it can be hard when the words don’t want to come out!

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  2. Anusha Narasimhan

    I totally do this! Initially I found it impossible to transfer the story properly from my mind to laptop. Then I realized I need to let go of perfectionism during the transfer phase.

    I type whatever I remember at a stretch, without bothering about grammar, punctuation or the way the plot flows. Once I’m done, I let it rest for some time and then get to editing.

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