A letter to my (not so beloved) bookshelf

To my bookshelf,

Gosh, I’m sorry – I don’t love you as much as I should.

When you first arrived you were great – fairly priced, you offered a home to my precious books. But you see I made a mistake.

I went to Ikea.

You’ll remember what happened next – I saw that other bookshelf. Oh my, it was beautiful. Where you were pale beech wood, it was beautifully crafted mahogany.

It isn’t personal – it, well, it just seemed to suit my soul better. Not that I bought it.

You were non-refundable, you see. So I’ve kept you. But let’s face it, we both know I’ve resented you.

I haven’t thrown you out though. Haven’t sold you cheaply on Ebay – begging someone to take you away. I haven’t packed you off to the car boot sale or pushed you into the alley.

You still stand here in my room, practical and reproachful.

Okay, okay, I admit. I may not have dumped you but I haven’t treated you the best either. You’ve been overfilled with books. But what do you expect, my dear? You’re a bookshelf and I’m a bookworm.

Oh, I see, you feel overworked – do you? Bet the mahogany wouldn’t. (Just saying, that was one strong bookshelf.)

And I’ll have you know, you haven’t been the best bookshelf either. You’ve been showing some wear and tear recently. And there’s no where near enough space on you.

What was that? The pen marks?

Oh… right. Well, yes, I guess I am sorry for leaving the pen on you. How was I supposed to know it would leak?

And if you were better quality wood – it wouldn’t stain that bad, I don’t think. (Again, just saying).

Oh, don’t look so sad!

I love you really. Okay, okay, maybe love is pushing it. But I like you. Honestly. You’ve served my books well and continue to do so. You’re not perfect but you stand there proudly. You are a home to the books. (Not the best, of course..ahem… but a home, nevertheless).

So I guess, I’m sorry.

Sorry for the pens and the overworking. Sorry for the resentment and well, sorry for under appreciating you.

You’re not too shabby as far as bookshelves go.

(No mahogany of course…dammit…sorry…couldn’t help it!)


A grateful bookworm


Just a little fun – written for an old daily prompt:

 Wronged Objects


One thought on “A letter to my (not so beloved) bookshelf

  1. I loved this. It had me thinking about my own bookshelves. I recently bought three new bookshelves for my books (they are already full) and the two old ones were re-purposed. One of the old ones has a place that has been chewed out by a hamster that was once housed in a cage that sat on the shelf. Not to mention that my Stephen King books bent the top shelves. I guess we are all a little hard on the hands that hold our precious books.

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