In which I try to recall my first visit to the Circus

I can’t remember much of my first visit to the Circus. I can’t remember what we saw or where we sat, I don’t know if there was one particular act that I was amazed by.

I do remember other things from the day though. Mostly, I remember that I had been excited and that we had gone as a big group; my parents and I, my cousins (at least three of them – maybe more?), my aunties…

I remember eating candy floss – soft pink stickiness.

I remember that after the show had ended, I had wanted to buy something. It was a red disk (kind of like a Frisbee) and came with a wooden stick. I think the idea was to balance the disk on the stick and twirl it…

I remember loving this toy and being excited to play with it.

The image that sticks in my mind most from this day is coming home and playing in my small, cramped back yard.

I tried to balance the disk, twirl it like a pro but (unsurprisingly) I failed.

My cousins took over (they were older); I remember they had been excited too. It had been a good day. But my cousin put too much energy in twirling the disk and it flew off from the stick, and over my back garden wall.

I can’t remember if it we opened the back gate to look in the alley or if it went in someones garden.

I know we never got it back.

I don’t think they were that bothered – as I mentioned, they were older – but I remember feeling disappointed.

I’d only had that disk for a couple of hours.

My mum said it was okay, we could get another one another day.

I don’t think I believed her but I didn’t make a fuss. It really had been a good day.

What I find strange is no matter how hard I try, I can’t remember anything of the actual circus show but those bits before; sitting cramped with my cousins in the car, eating candy floss, playing in the back garden… being surrounded by family, those are those things which stick with me.

Most of my childhood memories – the special ones – are similar to this; moments spent with my cousins. Squeezing through a hole in the back gates – instead of using the main entrance – being pushed extra fast on the roundabout and feeling sick – swapping Pokemon cards – going to the corner shops with our pocket money…

I was blessed enough to have a childhood filled with family, love and good memories and for that I will always, always be grateful.



One thought on “In which I try to recall my first visit to the Circus

  1. Liberty

    One of my earliest memories took place at a circus. I don’t remember going to the circus, the circus itself, or what happened after the circus. All I remember is sitting at a picnic-like table, dancing lights on the floor, and dropping my apple juice carton. xD

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