It’s an ‘organised mess’

If you saw my desk, you probably would not describe it as Orderly.

The papers don’t all sit in perfect arrangement. The highlighters and pens are not lined up. Neither are they standing in holders.

Instead, what you will see is strewn papers, sitting this way and that. You’ll see a black pen here, and a red one there. You’ll see books opened on seemingly random pages. And ‘post its’ with scribbled nonsense.

So no, you probably would not describe it as orderly.

But it is, I swear it is. 

To you, to my friends, to my mum (in particular) it’s a big old mess. But to me, it’s an organised mess. 

Those papers which look like they have just be thrown on the desk are in fact in a specified order. I know where things are.

I’ll know in which random, messy, overflowing pile to find the notes I’m looking for.

Those scribbled post-its? They all have meanings! Random numbers? They mean something too!

I promise! 

It really is an organised mess. And I’m sure many people on here can admit to having one too. I recently overheard someone use the exact same words to describe their own work space and I seriously, honestly wanted to turn around and scream “I knew I wasn’t the only one!”

I’ve had occasions where people have tried to help me during exam periods by “tidying” my organised mess.

This kindness of theirs was greeted with horror on my part.

So if you have a  friend/partner/child/insert other who has a work space which you deem messy – I urge you, please, please don’t try to clear it up.

Make them a cup of tea, buy them chocolates but don’t sabotage the organised mess.


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