Learn from those around you

We never stop Learning

I can’t count how many times my mum has said that to me over the years. When I was younger, it was the kind of thing I rolled my eyes at; “it’s just mum being mum” but it is true, we never stop learning.

Sure, we may finish traditional schooling but learning never ends.

I am currently doing an internship as part of my University degree, and over the past ten months here I have learnt so much.

There’s the obvious learning; the skills I’m taught, the new areas I work in, the terminology and the software and yes, those are all incredibly valuable but the learning that I feel will have even more of an impact on me are the things I’ve learnt merely by watching others around me.

Learning how to present my ideas confidently. To believe that despite my lack of experience, what I am saying is important.

Learning how to answer questions when I’m put the spot, to think quickly.

Learning the best way to deal with difficult clients.

There are so many things no degree can prepare you for.

By observing my colleagues, who have much more expertise than me, I have learnt so much more than any book could teach. I’ve learnt that if I have an idea I should speak up and how to ask for clarification if my project manager hadn’t made my role clear.

There so many things – many of which I’m sure I’ve picked up without even realizing – that I know will help me in the future, no matter what path I choose to take.

This post is short but I guess I have three main points: 1) learn from the people around you, 2) if you’re are student considering whether you should do an internship – DO IT! I urge you to take the opportunity if you have it – it will truly be invaluable and 3) even after we leave the classroom, we never stop learning.


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