The mid-year resolution: less TV, more experiences

When I saw the prompt Countless, my immediate reaction was to think of the countless mistakes I’ve made, then I thought about the countless things I’ve learned from these mistakes but putting all these mistakes and their teachings into words would be an impossible feat.

So instead I’m focusing on one mistake I’ve made and continue to make; the countless hours of my life I let go wasted.

And by ‘wasted’ I mean – the countless hours I’ve spent doing nothing, procrastinating or else mindlessly watching TV.

And yes, everyone needs time to do nothing – to give their mind and body a rest, and TV can be both entertaining and educational but it’s the amount of time I spend doing these things that I regret.

Coming back from work, it’s so easy (especially when the weather is miserable and grey) to think, ‘yep, a nice evening in front of the telly is in order’. And so I sit in front of the TV for hours. And then I go to bed and the next day after work, I spend more hours in front of the TV. Again. And again.

Maybe some days I’ll mix it up with time on my laptop or go for a walk but I still spend a lot of time mindlessly watching the 46″ Samsung screen.

Not great.

Those countless hours could have been used so much, so much more productively – there are so many things I could do, things I could learn and experience!

So that’s it – my ‘nearly mid-year’ resolution: less TV and more experiences.


4 thoughts on “The mid-year resolution: less TV, more experiences

  1. Excellent idea.
    I always surprise people when I tell them “I don’t have a TV”
    They respond: Well, what do you do?
    As if there isn’t a world full of all kinds of OTHER stuff to DO.

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    1. I hate to admit it but a while ago I would have been one of those people! It’s so easy to get trapped into the idea of spending hours in front of the TV. I have a plan of lot of things I want to try and hopefully will blog about them :). (Thanks for the follow by the way!)

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